Tips for Repair and Maintenance of Sliding Doors

Various issues often affect the functionality of sliding doors. When a customer calls a repair company on site, they should first assess the common issues to single out the exact problem. Once they have identified the problem, door repair specialists will begin to undertake the repair of the door glass accordingly.

Repairing and Maintenance of Sliding Doors

  • Stuck Doors: This is one of the most prevalent issues associated with sliding doors. In case one notices their door is not sliding fully, hence preventing normalopening, and closing, calling the experts is the best way to go. Sliding door repair specialists have the skills to ensure one’s door is working perfectly.
  • Faulty Track: In some cases, sliding doors experience issues with faulty tracks. This is usually caused by a bend on the track, which makes the door to get stuck. When a customer calls a professional service, they will assess the situation to determine the specific part causing the door jam. Whether the sliding door track is blocked or bent, proper repair services should address the problem.
  • Anomalous Wheels Alignment: When the alignment of a sliding door’s wheels is aberrant, one may also need repair services. It is common for screws keeping the rollers in place to unscrew due to constant use of the door. This often causes the sliding door not to fully open or close. If one is taking longer to open or close their sliding doors, the rule of thumb is to contract a repair company. Customers are advised against forcing the door through as it can cause more problems.
  • Cracked Glass: A crack or cracks in the glass is not something one should take lightly. It is imperative for one to immediately, contact a door repair service because the problem can easily get worse. Cracked glass require immediate replacement, particularly for residential properties. This is because of the risks it poses to kids in the house.
Repairs for sliding doors call for utmost attention for effective rectification of underlying issues. For example, every repair of the door should look into the rollers, as they are a vital part of the sliding door. In order for one to effectively, fix the rollers, they have to lower or lift the sliding door with the help of a screwdriver. Lifting helps to clear the track of debris and ensure smooth rolling of the door.
It is important that the technician one hires come to the scene with necessary tools. The tools help with adjusting the screws at the bottom of the sliding doorway. This ensures that the door looks even on its track and allows easier movement.
Nonetheless, the rollers might still fail give a smooth glide on the track. In this case, the next important step to consider is removing the door for further examination of the rollers. In case rollers are beyond repair, replacing with new ones becomes the best option.
In the instances where the door is stuck due to debris blocking the track, customers are advised to use a small brush clear the tracks. Besides, one can opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner if they have one. After that, applying lubrication fluid on the lower and upper tracks will help the door glide smoothly.