How to Repair Sliding Door

Often sliding doors get difficult to open just because of dirt that makes the rollers sticky. This is a problem that can easily be repaired. To repair a sliding door that is becoming sticky, all the tools that are needed include a screwdriver, corded drill, screen roller, Allen wrench, pray bar, utility knife, and some rags. In addition materials such as replacement rollers and silicone lubricants are required.
Repair Sliding Door
With all these requirements the steps to be followed are:

Step 1: Remove the door

Using the screwdrivers and the Allen keys find the support points on the door and remove all the screws holding the door in place. It is important to check the kind of door one has because not all sliding door is fixed in place the same way. Only start the work when all points of support are identified.

Step 2: Remove the rollers and check them for the problem

Locate the screws holding the rollers in place. Now using the crew driver remove the screws holding the rollers in place. Now remove the rollers and examine them closely for the problem. Most likely the problem is too much dirt. If this is the case clean the rollers and check if they work fine. If the rollers are worn out or are damaged then a replacement has to be made.

Step 3: Replace or refit the rollers

If the rollers work fine, then easily return them on the door and hold them in place with the screws using the screwdriver. If on the other hand the rollers are damaged then replace them with a new pair. Make sure that the replacement rollers are similar to the ones taken out.
Once the rollers have been replaced its time to refit the door in its places. Make sure to test and see if the rollers work before refitting the door and after refitting the door. This is important to ensure that the job is done as required.