4 Common Sliding Door Issues

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For homeowners with decks, balconies, or patios, sliding doors make an important access door for the home and make new home keys. To begin with, the doors are effortless in opening and closing. At the same time, they avail a picturesque view of the outdoors. On the other hand, it is important to prepare for repairs and replacements. One can do this through a professional service provider or as part of their DIY projects.

Here are the four most common repairs homeowners will encounter with their sliding doors.
  • Broken or dirty rollers
  • Out of adjustment wheels
  • Bent track
  • Shattered glass

Common Sliding Door Issues

1. Broken Rollers

Sliding doors are easy to move because they carry rollers on both sides of the door. Therefore, it is uncommon for these doors to get stuck. If this happens, or if one needs to push against to move the door, there are two possibilities.
  • An obstruction in the rollers
  • The rollers are failing due to wear and tear
Obstructed Rollers
In the first instance of sliding door repairs, one has to clean their dirty rollers to make the door move with ease. Dirt, leaves, and sticks are the main culprits when looking at dirty rollers. Therefore, this level of repair is quite manageable as a DIY project.
Failing Rollers
If on the other hand, the door has bends or cracks, it means the rollers are failing and the homeowner might need to invest in new rollers. Metal rollers are the most affected with cracks due to rusting over time. Depending on the make of the door, replacing broken rollers might require special skills from a professional service provider. You can contact our team of experts which works in Canada every day.

2.Out of Adjustment Wheels

The rollers hold the door in place and allow it to move with ease. However, if they jump out of track, the whole door often moves out of alignment. This situation makes it impossible for one to close or open the sliding door unless they fix the problem. This issue often arises when screws hold the rollers on the track.
These screws become loose over time and can easily fall out. Here, the homeowner needs to screw back those that fallen out and replace any missing screws. It is also important that they get to spray a lubricant on the rollers. This goes a long way towards making rollers move effortlessly.

3. Bent Tracks

This is another common problem when considering sliding door repairs. Tracks can bend either outward or inward. Whichever the case, they both stop the door from moving all the way on its track.
  • Inward Bend: This can be fixed with the help of vise grips or pliers. It involves pulling the door back into place.
  • Outward Bend: This type of bent track needs a rubber mallet or hummer with pliers. Repair involves pushing the door down. It is recommended that homeowners use a heavy object on top of the outward bend. This makes it easy for the hammer to hit the bend with accuracy, hence pushing it back into place. A good rule of thumb is to tap gently before removing the door to prevent further damages.

Common Issues of Sliding Doors

4. Shattered Glass

Due to pests, burglars, weather, or broken seals, the sliding door windows can break and cause a gaping hole. Changing the shattered pane in a sliding door is not one of the simple DIY tasks. This is because it involves:
  • Breaking the seal surrounding the window pane
  • Plinking out leftovers of the glass shards
  • Installing the new window pane
While the three steps may seem rather easy, the entire process of switching windowpanes in a sliding door can be intimidating if it is your first time. It is a time-consuming endeavor, which can create plenty of room for injuries and more complications with the door if not handled properly. As such, homeowners should think of contracting a door professional to execute the right required services for the broken windows in the sliding door repair to prevent more hassles.

Costs: Repair vs Install

For any kind of sliding door repair project, it is vital that the homeowner weighs between:
  • Using a reputable sliding door repair service or
  • Taking on the job themselves
While the latter might save money, some of the tasks involved in these repairs carry risks, which could create further problems. Therefore, a DIY project should be taken with caution. Professionals, on the other hand, have the expertise through training and years of field experience in properly fixing sliding door issues.
Besides, they have the capacity to work on any kind of sliding door repairs in a timely manner. For the best sliding door repairs, however, it is recommended that customers keep away from quick services. Since money is always at the center of all deals, it is best for consumers to consider the affordability factor when getting door repair services.