Chasing Sanitation

Falling in Love with New York's Strongest

Sanitation Rules !

172 Backers. And that’s not including those of you that we know pooled your resources and shook down your friends to go in together on a donation. Queens, Savannah,TN. Actually it was Eleni who lives in Queens and Queens 8 Garage that met and surpassed our goal with time to spare. Yep, we know who you are and where you live :-).

$ 8170.oo !!

Challenge New York’s Strongest, their friends and family,
And they’ll take it.
And then they’ll go you one (or 670!) better.

The DSNY and Local 831 stayed in touch throughout the day. So did our friends. So did Dr. Robin Nagle. So did Sanitation Workers on our phones and Facebook. Aspromonte posted on Liz’s wall – “Never had a doubt.”

Keep in touch here and on our Facebook for details on the Exhibit.

XXOO to all ya’ll,
Liz & Lisa

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When was the last time someone asked you for something

so dirty

and clean

and classy

at the same time??

Until Friday Sep 24, 8:38pm EST, we are raising dough for a photo exhibit to show this work.  We need you, your friends, your cousins, colleagues and people who owe you to get involved.  The President of the Sanitation Workers of New York union – the Local 831 –  has generously offered to match us whatever YOU donate.  Your $10 spot – magic! It’s $20!

And there are Rewards! Framed prints, T-shirts, fried chicken, a DATE.  C’mon – don’t make us beg.  We’re doing good work, we have a lot of people giving what they can already – folks from San Diego, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Oakland, Brooklyn.  We’ve got people we don’t even know donating. We have a Sanitation Choreographer in Austin donating. Dr. Garbage has kicked in her share.  Former bosses, roommates, prom dates, TV producers.

So if you to have a little love to give to this Labor of Love / Love of Labor, please visit this Kickstarter link!

The kicker of Kickstarter is that we will only receive your donation if we reach our goal so every little $10 helps!  Did you get that?  We have to do this by Friday, Sept. 24. At 8:38pm.  Meeting our goal, rallying all of you, proves PROVES that CHASING SANITATION is wanted, needed and has a life in the mainstream.

Many of you know what it’s like to promote your own project or cause – for yourself, for others, for work.

I know there are people out there where $25 is nothing for you. Some of you $100 smarts a little but it’s better than holding on to it.  There’s a lot of you that can afford to give hundreds of dollars – you’ve made it in life.  You’ve been blessed with resource and support and family that made sure you saw your life through to its comfort and reward.  And you can give.  Really – we all can give, right?  $10. $100. $1500 – it’s all adds up.

You will never regret giving to the folks who are just a little under the radar, the folks that do the work that makes the neighborhood and city safe.

This is no hand-out – this is the experience of doing something fun and crazy and with impact and we’ll call you out and shoot it and YouTube it from the Exhibit. You’ll know your impact.  And it’ll be a total hoot.  But you gotta give.  You gotta scroll through the Rewards Liz and I have posted on the Kickstarter page and you gotta see what works for you.  But give, ok?

So if you’ve got the extra keyboard energy, we’d love it if you can spread the link-love around to your hometowns, family, coworkers and friends. This project – these photos and stories – they represent families just keeping up the day-to-day. We want to support them and their jobs and our neighborhoods and in doing so, show them for the gorgeous folks that they are.

And thanks so much for all the support and feedback thusfar.

Spreadin’ the love,
Liz and Lisa

Responses (3) to “Sanitation Rules !”

  1. Dinah Adames says:

    I can’t believe there is a website like this!! I walk by fire trucks and stop and take Pictures, I call the firemen “My Menz” I absolutely love them all, and the sanitation workers yum yum, all in shape! I’ll stay single until I snag one of NY’s finest,bravest or strongest!! Keep the movement going!!

  2. Mike says:

    Congrats on getting the project funded….I made a donation as well. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Diane Montemarano says:

    It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Sani men and women help to make this city tick. Even though it’s a thankless job, today I’m saying, “Thanks for keeping our City clean.”

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