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:: This is New York’s Strongest ::

Final Weekend of Exhibition! 4pm-9pm: Friday through Sunday, February 25-27

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New York Times – February 10, 2011

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NY Daily News – February 15, 2011

NBC New York Non-Stop with Chuck Scarborough – February 22, 2011

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Through the pens and lenses of writer/producer Lisa Dowda and photographer Liz Ligon, THIS IS NEW YORK’S STRONGEST reveals in arresting, intimate images and compelling storytelling the wit, passion and compassion, history and family that make up the Sanitation Workers of New York.

On View February 15-27

It took one shoot to fall in love.
It only took 2 ½ years to get this date on Valentine’s Weekend.
But oh, what a date … come fall in love:
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Responses (11) to “:: This is New York’s Strongest ::”

  1. Charles Leal says:

    Sorry I cannot be there (kids will not let me travel) but good luck Break a leg if it fits and muncho success

  2. Love Chasing Sanitation. Bandmaster NYC Sanitation Emerald Society Pipes and Drums.

  3. SILVERFOX says:

    I’m there.. :)

  4. Robert Rowlett says:

    I am so proud to know you Lisa and I wish you all the best!!Wish I were able to be there!

  5. Debra Barreto says:

    My message is for Lisa Dowda – My name is Debra Barreto and I’ve worked in the DSNY’s Bureau of Customer Service and Government Relations for the past 23 yrs. My fiend Todd Strier referred me to you, Lisa

    Two colleagues (a DSNY Supv and SW) would love to attend your opening. We’ve been following your adventures and would be honored to see your exhibition!

    Hope you can hook us up!


  6. […] To women from Brooklyn — writer Lisa Dowda and photographer Liz Ligon — are trying to document the men and women behind New York City’s Sanitation Department. The two women have so far been traveling alongside some of these “San Men” for over 2 years now and tomorrow night, their hard work (and the hard work of those they have been photographing) are being featured in a gallery at 411 Lafayette Street. […]

  7. Mikey Diamonds says:

    Thank You from the NYC SANITATION POLICE :)

  8. mildred says:

    dear Lisa,
    My beloved father was a sanitation worker for over 30 years. He went into the department in 1928 before I was born. it would have been nicer had you done more research and asked people who knew about it back then, and how the trucks did not have heat, coals were used to heat buildings, the men had to lift those cans. My daughter has my Dad’s retirement placque proudly displayed in her home in DC. for all of her friends to see. I am always so amazed when articles are written by those who do little research such as asking families. 2007 is not far back enough. They talk about the slow-down which may or may not have been is irrelevant. I remember my Dad walking so many blocks to get to work because snow was coming and he had to be at work. It is nice the men are recognized, but these now don’t know what hard work is. Anyone who wants to call me can do so.
    Mrs. M. Porcher Hodgson

  9. Tia says:

    @Mildred. I Have expressed opinions about sanitation to Lisa myself and spoken to her. I understand now that her experience and/or love affair with us sanitation workers began around that time. I myself have been on the job longer than 07. But she expresses a genuine interest in us and I feel confident with support from us, the public and monetary support she will be able to expand as this grows.

  10. Debra says:

    Great behind the scenes display of DSNY at work! We aretruely NY’s Strongest and proud of it…. Thx for a new perspective on how we roll!

  11. Peter M Shanley says:

    Hi Lisa, I think your doing a fine job! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I think your exhibit is Right On! The job as I remembered it when I retired, was not the same as when I started! But then again, everything evolves to increase productivity! When I was hired on the job, I was in one of the first classes that hired women! Recycling was just started, side loaders was being used, the 3 man truck was gone! I worked in the field for many years in every boro, hot weather, freezing cold, rain, snow, in the dark of night, probably even more so than the post office, we had to open the roads for them to deliver the mail! I remember in 1996 the big blizzard that shut down the eastern sea board, NYC was the only city open, it took DC a week or so to open up after us! I was a newly appointed Supervisor in 2001 when 9/11 happened! There was over 800 Sanitation workers working around the clock to open up the financial district, and clear the streets around ground zero! We was on the hauling line removing hundreds of thousands of tons of material from the pile of debris, to the last beam removed! We was one of the only municipatialites to keep the same men there from the beginning till the end! The others rotated their manpower often! I retired about a year after it was all over, and I hear through friends how much the job has changed.. My hats off to all the Members of the Exclusive Career, NYC Department of Sanitation! 100,000 take the test, 1,500 are hired! Like the Marines “The Few, The Proud!”

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