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:: The Brothers, The Sisters Unite After Hours ::

With over 7000 employees, a regimented work schedule, and a culture of teamwork, many convene outside of work, to enjoy what they share in common.

These societies are membership organizations with scholarships and charitable donations made to foundations for children, disease awareness, and other such organizations as the USO. Throughout New York’s paramilitary units – NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, Corrections – all unite fraternally, each membership with its own mission, commitment and activities.

Here are a few of those societies.

The Columbia Association
Ronald Cohen, President

“The Columbia Association of The New York City Department of Sanitation was formed in 1936 and is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in New York City’s uniformed forces. The Association, which consists of more than 2,500 Department of Sanitation employees of Italian-American descent, is the largest fraternal organization within the Department of Sanitation. The Columbia Association’s mission is to promote fraternalism, education and charity, while projecting a positive image for Italian-Americans. It accomplishes this by granting scholarships, through volunteerism, and through charitable fundraising. … The motto of the Columbia Association is that “You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.”

The Emerald Society
Thomas Doyle, President

“The mission of the DSNY Emerald Society is to foster a spirit of brotherhood and benevolence among its members; to inculcate in them a high sense of loyalty to one another and to their duties and their government; to stimulate their social, moral and intellectual advancement; to attain a greater degree of tolerance and understanding among themselves and between themselves and other employees of the New York City Department of Sanitation; to advance the welfare and interests of its members; to protect the rights and privileges and promote the economic welfare, insofar as possible, of its members as Civil Service Employees; to hold meetings, social gatherings and lectures for the better realization of these objectives.”

American Legion Post #1110
William Marchuk, Commander

African American Benevolent Society
Vincent Murdock, President

“The objective was, is and shall be to foster a spirit of brotherhood and benevolence among its members, to instill, teach, inculcate in them a high sense of loyalty to one another and to their duties and government, to stimulate their social, moral and intellectual advancement, to attain a greater degree of tolerance and understanding amongst themselves and between other employees of the Department of Sanitation, to advance the welfare of interest of its members and elevate their social standing. A body of Black Men employed by the New York City Department of Sanitation met in the Municipal Building of May 22, 1935, for the purpose of forming a Benevolent Society within the Department. The Society was duly formed and named: The Negro Benevolent Society of the Department of Sanitation, Inc. of the City of New York. On March 21, 1991, the name was amended to: The African American Benevolent Society of the Department of Sanitation.”

Asian Jade Society
Chi Gong, President
“The Asian Jade Society is an Official Fraternal Organization for the Department of Sanitation. Our members are made up of Sanitation Personnel of Asian or Pacific descent. The Society has personnel of different ethnicity such as Chinese, Filipinos, Korean and Vietnamese. Our Goal is to extend our Members and Community the following: to promote tolerance and understanding of the different cultures that make up the DSNY Asian Jade Society; to teaching cultural diversity, tolerance and understanding of the different ethnicities, which will create a strong bond and working relationship between the Sanitation Department and the Asian Communities; to recruit talented, multi-lingual, and educated Asians to increase the number of Asian Sanitation Employees in the NYC Sanitation Department, so that they may represent and assist their communities by working in those Districts; and to design, devise, and apply effective programs that will facilitate education of the public in such critical areas as public health, community liaisons relations, understanding the sanitation Code of Digest, Rules and Regulations, Summons Prevention, Adopt a basket program, Recycling issues and Safety concerns.”

The Holy Name Society
John Livingston, President

The Hebrew Spiritual Society
Sam Libovitz, President

The Hispanic Society
Joseph Maldonado, President

Islamic Council of DSNY
Muhammad Shareef, President

The Pulaski Association
Mark Ostrowski, President

Tommy Nazzaro

Sanitation Association of Latinos
Jose Garcia, President

The Steuben Association
Alfred Steiger, President
“The Steuben Society of America was founded in May of 1919, in the aftermath of the First World War, by patriotic Americans of German descent. Our mission from the inception of our organization to the present day has remained essentially unchanged. Our goals are to foster good citizenship in the German-American community, to educate the public as to the positive role our ethnic group has always played in American society, and to preserve a sense of ethnic pride amongst German-Americans.”

Trashed MC
Dave Savarese, President
“We are a group of New York City Sanitation workers that provide a fraternal, social and non-profit club or active, retire or associate D.S.N.Y. members. Our mission is to unite motorcyclists in the spirit of Brotherhood, as well as promote motorcycle safety. We are an independent, non-political, hard riding club with no attitudes. We abide by ALL A.M.A. by-laws and standards.”

Uniform Sanitation Chiefs Association
Russ Taormina, President

United Women of Sanitation Association
Ruth Joyner, Chairperson

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