Chasing Sanitation

Falling in Love with New York's Strongest

Help Us Chase Sanitation.

In 2008, we started Chasing Sanitation.

In 2010, we raised $21K to hold a photo exhibit in New York City. On Valentine’s weekend in 2011, we held the wildly successful and generously covered THIS IS NEW YORK’S STRONGEST exhibition in Manhattan’s Noho Arts District.

Since then, we’ve exhibited at Fresh Kills park and Times Square among others. We’ve got a Facebook Fan page and have been covering Hurricane Sandy’s effect on New York’s Strongest. And now we’re getting more requests as there are more recruits on the force and retiring.

If you want us to keep Chasing, you can donate to Lisa and Liz here through PayPal. These funds go to the photo shoots, maintenance and updating of the website, further development of the Chasing Sanitation book and allows us to take time off of the day jobs to go Chase Sanitation.

WE LOVE DOING THIS. If you love having it, you can donate here:

Our last successful crowd-sourcing campaign at Kickstarter,

in which we raised money for our THIS IS NEW YORK’S STRONGEST Exhibition

in February 2011.

Here’s the link and comments:

CHASING SANITATION is an official DBA registered with the state of New York.