Chasing Sanitation

Falling in Love with New York's Strongest

About Chasing Sanitation …

Sanitation Workers – they’re not saints. But they made a choice for their families and for themselves. And they were there after the attacks, and they’ll be there next Monday morning. And through the last century, the fight do my chemistry homework free continues against the stigma of one of our most essential civil service agencies. Still, the job, the snow, the trash – it gets done.

What the world needs now are men and women who get the job done.

The City of New York cracked the code on the Green Revolution decades ago. Sure, it’s not perfect. But with the Obama administration’s fledging agenda to create green jobs, Bloomberg’s ambitious campaign to build an environmentally sustainable New York by 2030, and the Dept. of Labor $10 million allotment to fund training in green technology, shows in images and interviews what’s not broken and what doesn’t need to be fixed.

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CHASING SANITATION: Falling in Love with New York’s Strongest
:: a photo book website & exhibit about who they are ::
Spring 2011

Since August 2008, writer Lisa Dowda and photographer Liz Ligon have been Chasing Sanitation’s street crews all over New York with their cameras, questions and pens. They want to know who they are — because of what they do for all of us, for what they are to the City they love. They want to talk to them – get to know the friendly face on the street who takes away all that we discard. They want New Yorkers and the World to read the stories that live in their hearts and bodies. These gentle souls and irrepressible comedians – Happy Andy, Holmes, Angel, Jasmine, Aspro, Hathaway, Eddie and Joey – everyone needs to know how vast are their hearts, how full are their minds, and how strong is their family.

With the enthusiastic support of the Dept. of Sanitation’s Public Information Office and the Local 831, in the Summer of 2010, Lisa and Liz (with the generous help of webmistresses Emily Cornelius and Elena Bayrock Sapora) have launched this website to promote and generate interest in their classic, New York-style photo exhibit in Manhattan, slated for the Fall. In order to secure a reputable publisher of local interest, coffee table books, they’re going public. They are seeking to see the faces, bodies, hard work and big stories standing proudly in the Times Square souvenirs stores, in Borders’ and Barnes & Nobles’ Local Interest sections, in real estate offices, libraries and in the human resources offices of private and public sanitation companies nationwide.

It took one shoot to fall in love. Now we can’t stop telling everyone.

If you are interested in helping us to continue Chasing Sanitation, please don’t be a stranger. Email us at

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